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It’s your old pal Kit (Christof) Fennessy here, just returned from a month long tour of the Alps. I hope (plan) to give each city we visited a review, and pass on any eating tips or associated recipes I gleaned over the coming weeks, as we work our way through winter here.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Doing It Greek-Style!

Kit takes us to the Alpha Ouzeri, Jim’s Greek Tavern and covers a little bit of the Greek scene in Melbourne… 

I was going to title this article “It’s all Greek to Me”, but my wife suggested that was too clichéd and I’d have to try harder.

How about:
“Losing My Marbles over Greece”?
“I’m Slipping in the Greece!”?
“Euripides Trousers… Eumenides Trousers!”???
“Doing it Greek style” it’ll have to be then.

I’m not of Greek ancestry(.com).  However, I am a classicist, enjoy olive oil, seafood, char grilled meats, democracy and a good argument.  Hell, I’ll even throw a discus if it gets me a dolmade.

Want to know what's hot in Melbourne's Greek scene?  Read on...

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Melbourne Food Scene On the Slide®

Low Food Becoming the New High

Right, that’s it!  Melbourne’s food scene has gone far enough.  Dressing up junk food as high food is the direction dining has been taking in this city, and I am frankly fed up.  Up to the gills and wiping my face of grease and feeling self-loathing.

I heard a junky girl at a KFC twenty-five years ago ask: “And could I have extra mayonnaise on my chicken burger?… and when I say extra, I really want you to drown it in the shit”.

Who knew she would be forecasting the future of dining in Melbourne?

Want some evidence? Here’s a critique that reveals a city-wide trend through the microcosm of my local eating neighbourhood of Fitzroy. Now, read on…

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