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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reykjavik Restaurants... and Hot Dogs

Iceland! Icy one day, landy the next.

Actually, the name comes from the Icelandic word Ísland, meaning "island" (**see comment below - I stand corrected!!).  It's a volcanic piece of outer space inhabited by Vikings.. a place I most heartily recommend you going to.

No military, no navy, geo-thermal heating of houses and water, hydro-electricity, and hydrogen fuelled busses. Yoko Ono liked it so much, she built a light sculpture tribute to John Lennon there (the Imagine Peace Tower), that lights up in winter.

You'll find yourself swimming in lakes with steam under glacier capped mountains, marvelling at nature, smelling sulfur and noticing the sun not going down / or coming up (depending on what time of year you're there).

When you're on the plane to Iceland, Icelandic Air makes a big deal out of the most popular restaurant in the country being a hot dog stand (I wonder what John would say?).  Our bicycle tour guide, Eggy, explained why:

... full text