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Thursday, January 24, 2013

WA Part 3 - Perth and Fremantle, The Big Smokes!

There's so much to enjoy in Western Australia: the Pinnacles (standing stones), wildlife, monks... even Gina Reinhardt's hole (apparently she's got the biggest one in history, and is importing workers from all over the world to come and make it bigger).

There’s even a town called Wanneroo, also known as the town that lost it’s “t”.

But if you want to have a quality nibble, and I'm not talking getting bitten in half by a shark, you'll need to go to the big smoke of Perth and Fremantle (two country towns that have had a growth spurt and become one through the agency of urban sprawl) .

One thing people told me before going to Perth was: “listen, it’s not cultural, but it does have character”.

I don’t know if that’s local cringe factor, but I found it all very easy going and pretty good quality. Here are some top tips.

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